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This is the Blacknight hosting and domain name registration offsite maintenance / technical blog.

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Recent Entries

Pemlinweb 14 maintenance Tuesday 26th of May @10PM
We will bring the server offline for a routine maintenance. Approximate downtime is an hour.Services Affectedpemlinweb14.blacknight.com81.17.254.7381.17.255.61… [read more]
New Time: Pemlinweb 13 and 14 maintenance Sunday 24st of May @10PM
These servers will be shut down for approximately an hour to facilitate a move to new hardware.IPs affected: post will… [read more]
Emergency disk maintenance on pemvzmps90 - 21st May @16:45
We will bring the server offline for approximately 20 minutes to replace a failed driver.Services affected:pemlinweb93.blacknight.com78.153.215.23078.153.215.5478.153.215.6578.153.215.11178.153.214.7778.153.214.22578.153.214.233pemlinweb94.blacknight.com78.153.215.23178.153.215.6078.153.215.10878.153.215.11478.153.214.11878.153.214.133Update 17:07 : The maintenance… [read more]