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Xen Security Announcement - Cloud
We are expecting a Xen Security Announcement tomorrow the 1st of October in relation to a vulnerability within Xen which… [read more]
Scheduled Server Maintenance - Windows Shared Hosting
We have to carry out some minor maintenance on a Hyper-V node tomorrow morning at 8am.  the affected servers are:PEMWINWEB0681.17.250.5581.17.250.10381.17.250.10481.17.250.106PEMWINWEB0781.17.250.4281.17.250.10981.17.250.127PEMWINWEB0881.17.250.6581.17.250.13281.17.250.190We… [read more]
Emergency Qmail outage Monday 29th 01:00
Summary: In order to ensure that the qmail clusters services are fully patched for ShellShock we're going to take all… [read more]