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shared hosting hardware node pemvzmps93 has gone offline
shared hosting hardware node pemvzmps93 has gone offline. We have dispatched an engineer to investigate and will update thei post… [read more]
pemvzmps78 node offline
The hardware node Pemvzmps78 kernel panicked and rebooted, the services are coming back online.Services affected:pemmysql28-5.blacknight.commysql1013.cp.blacknight.com78.153.215.210172.16.5.66pemmysql29-5.blacknight.commysql1014.cp.blacknight.com78.153.215.211172.16.5.67Update 11:43:The services are back online… [read more]
issue with ie domain registrations
We have discovered an issue with .ie domain registrations / transfers/renewals  after the  IEDR completed a maintenance window on Saturday.… [read more]