Intermittant connectivity problems in Carlow

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August 25, 2009 3:00 PM

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When: Tuesday August 25th @ 14:45

Summary: Our main office in Carlow is having some intermittent connectivity issues. Our fibre backhaul provider tells us that they're having some issues on their "core node" and this is the cause of the problem. When we get more information about this issue and when we have an ETA for a permanent fix we'll update this post.

Service Outage: Our phones are affected by this issue. They're working 100% at the moment but when we loose connectivity in the brief spurts that we've seen since 14:45 calls may drop. Please call us back immediately if a call is dropped.

Update: 15:30
We've not seen any issues since, however e-net are telling us they're still having issues but they're not service effecting at the moment. We'll leave this open for another 24 hours to monitor it and we'll post updates if we get more info back.

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Still dificulties regarding the email and also the website
Email is extremely slow or does not respond.
Your site is not alway showing.
I'll hope fot the best.

I have not been able to access my mail either via outlook or webmail since 17:00 hrs.

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