Network connectivity issue for services and firewalled colo/dedicated customers

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Emergency Maintenance


August 26, 2009 5:10 PM

Service Affecting



Summary: Today at 16:39 customers on several firewall segments were impacted by high packetloss. This was the result of a yet unknown event, however we were able to restore service within a timely manner by forcing the "active" firewall into standby thus forcing the standby firewall to take over.

We're currently investigating the cause further and examining syslogs, port graphs, cpu graphs etc. We will post a conclusion to the issue once our engineering team have completed their investigations.

Current situation as of 17:10:

Network connectivity was restored within 10 minutes of the actual event occuring however some services like e-mail on our shared hosting cluster will take some time to recover as there are an extraordinary number of inbound connections into the cluster and the load balancer is doing it's best to diviy out connections to the mail servers.

Update 1810

Mail services should be back to normal, but if there are any issues let us know.

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