Phone system Maintenance - August 17th

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August 17, 2009 11:00 AM

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Summary: We're changing phone systems on August 17th at 11am, for a period of about 1 hour we may not be reachable via our regular local numbers. However our 1850 number should work throughout the change over.


On Monday the 17th of August at approx 11am our eircom lines will be ported over to a sip trunk that is terminated on a box in our office. As this will be running over fibre it'll give much greater call capacity. Our 059 numbers will be porting away from Eircom so there will be a period of time where they won't work during the switch over.

Our phone menu stucture is going to change. It'll be far more simplified than it is currently. e.g. 1 for Support, 2 for Sales and 3 for accounts

Note: during this time we ask that all customers e-mail us their queries and we'll call you back!

We'll post further updates closer to the time to remind everyone!

Update: 08:30 Mon Aug 17th

This morning if you can not get through on our main line or 1850 number please call 0599167400 instead. Our international customers can get us via +353599167400 and we hope that the main number 0599183072 will work after 11am. The 1850 number will be switched over before 9am as this doesn't involve eircom.

Update: 18:10 Mon Aug 17th

This change over went ahead without any issues. All numbers/lines etc are now ported over to the new system.

Please take note that the phone system menu has changed. It is now 1 for Support, 2 for Sales and 3 for accounts.

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