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Our technical team are currently working to resolve an issue with the mail cluster.

This issue is impacting some people's ability to login.

More details once we have them

UPDATE 1045: the issue appears to be related to LDAP

UPDATE 1052: We have a ticket open with software vendors. Our technical team continues to work on the issue as well

UPDATE 1107: The technical team continue to work on the issue. Some people are reporting continued issues, while others appear to have full service

UPDATE 1130: We've made some adjustments to the mail cluster configuration. The technical team are still working on it

UPDATE 1154: The mail cluster is not stable. We are working on it. Once we are confident that the issue has been resolved we will update this blog post

We understand that people are frustrated with the mail issues this morning, but we are working on the issue and have been since we first became aware of it.

We do not know when the issue will be resolved as yet.

UPDATE 1210: In response to some of the queries and comments people have posted. The issue is specifically related to "authentication" ie. logging in to mail to send / receive. Mails from the outside to you should not be affected.

Unfortunately with the number of people trying to collect and send emails simultaneously the servers are under high load so service may be slower than normal

UPDATE 1400: Email service is currently stable. If you are still having issues please contact our help desk


David Henry on July 23, 2010 10:25 AM

already getting phone calls, any ideas on a time?


No we don't


In the last 12 months, there seems to have been a lot of problems with e-mail.

Are measures being put in place to increase the reliabilty as te frequent interruptions have become very disruptive to business e-mail?

Hi there
i would agree with Brian's comment. There are have been quite a few mail problems over the past few months. it is becoming an issue for me as i am getting calls from across all departments in the business.

I need reliable email access. my business depends on it. I switched to Blacknight for your promised reliablity, as well as security. Pls focus on future server reliablity. Thanks

I agree with Brian - this seesm to be pretty frequent and for small biz critical. I am anxiously awaiting an email reply where I get one shot at speaking with a key person today. If they cannot contact me, I lose.

Please understand how VITAL smooth and reliable service is for small biz.

Sean Dwan on July 23, 2010 11:01 AM

There have been a number of interuptions on my email
status over the past few months. This is very disruptive and inconveneint when dealing with every day
businesses. It is totally unprofessional.

I sincerely hope that this problem will be rectified as soon as possible as it causes great difficulties with customers when trying to make contact daily.

Argh! My business cannot function properly without email. This happens too much for my liking. Please try to find a solution.

I seem to be receiving e-mail ok but cannot send? Again, this is critical for my business

I would hope this gets resolved quickly as serveral of our of customers host with urselves on the recommendation of us the IT Supplier - at the end of the day people lose faith if the emails are giving trouble consistently

I understand things happen but if they continue to happen customers lose faith and move elsewhere.


Thanks for the update but does this mean that the issue is now resolved fully? I am still having problems.

Ref: Update 11:07 - we are still reporting issues...

Even tried to set up some temp forwards to copy email externally during the outage and no joy :(

Keep at it!

Again, nooo!

My clients do not stop calling me on the phone!

How are you expected to run a business with this level interuptions to email. As an online service we NEED emails to be reliable. I recently couldnt say a bad word about Blacknight, but the email situation is slightly changing my opinion.

Totally agree with the rest of the people. Email is critical for my business. I have promised 24/7 availability to customers for questions and bookings, I normally answer my emails within a few minutes, it really doesn't look very professional now with all these waiting. It does affect the customer service quality I have promised.

My mail has been down for 2 hours ...

nightmare it always seems to happen on a friday too.

anyone using google Apps? might it be worth considering for email hosting?

I do agree with Brian's comment too. Having a shared hosting just to avail of the .ie mailboxes, I feel I am paying a lot for a not reliable service. For my non .ie domain names, my customers and me use another provider, and they are great, plus it is included with the full domain management price.
Are you going to improve the reliability of the email cluster?

I recently move to blacknight on your promise of reliability, this is happening alot. Our business cannot function without reliable email. we never had an issue with our previous supplier and we are seriously considering switching back. I have not been able to send an email yet today. What is causing this??

My email is backup now. Thanks guys for getting it sorted. Still happy with the service provided and my customers and myself understand the occassional small outage.

30 mins since last update, mail still not functional. Keeping customers informed is critical. Please

1 Step Closer, I am receiving but unable to send!

@mick with google apps mailboxes at approx 40quid per mailbox + the once off setup fee you'd need to make sure that it was worth the investment!

Right now my pop3 is working but smtp aint!

Huuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrry up and sort this out, i need emails to run this small business. down since 9.30 am

I hope the emails not being received this past 2 hours are being capture on your server for download when this issue is resolved???

@ Michael. Google Apps business e-mail is free for up to 50 users. I've tried it and it works well but they too had downtime so nobody's perfect.

You would think there will be redundancy in place.

Just to let everybody know that you will be able to send mail by setting your SMTP server in your mail program to your ISP's SMTP server. So for example, if you use Eircom, then you will be able to send mail by using as your SMTP server.

Paul D
No email should be lost. The issue is related to "authentication" for users ie. how you login to receive / send emails from our systems - the outside world > mail cluster is not having any issues that I am aware of


Seems to be working ok now. But we sent ourselfs some test emails while we were out and they haven't arrived. Have emails been lost over the last couple of hours?

First I thought it was our Exchange server but when I found out both branches experienced the same problem -each branch having its own Exchange server- I suspected as much as the hosted mail server communication problems. My manager starts asking questions and I have no good answers for him. Please do solve this problem as quickly as you can => This being the second day of troubles this week only could make our company thinking about moving somewhere else...

The last one failed to be sent on 11:58...


The system is clustered, which means there are multiple physical machines that handle the various parts of the mail service.
The issue is specifically related to authentication


Mail server appears to be up for 2 of 3, receiving email updates from this thread ironically, but still a bit laggy from the outside world.

Mails are moving again - in and out. Let hope it stays that way



MSP Business Solutions

My emails are now going out but are bouncing back from system administrator as 'undeliverable', no issue yesterday with sending to the same addresses ???

Yep. Seems to be working now! Thanks guys!!! :) D.

Ignore my previous msg. It's failed again... Sorry!

Not a good sign, a failure notice to one of the test emails sent to a client's account during the outage:

Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
I am afraid I was not able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I have given up. Sorry it did not work out.

user's homedir not found

Send/receive now seems to be working, but no emails are being received. This needs to be sorted out promptly and permanently to avoid losing customers

there are a number of ways you can place a safety net on your email for these issues.
1. forward all your email to a gmail account 7gb of free storage and easy to search
2. purchase a backup mx record from another vendor, this means should email go down you never loose your email should there be an outage

I hope this helps the stress levels.


A backup MX would not make any difference to pop users. It's only of use if you have your own mail server or if our mail servers stopped accepting inbound mail (which they didn't to my knowledge)


Logins seem to be active again, can you refresh any email config changes so they show 'In Sync'...


Could you please contact support with the details of what you are seeing


Hey Guys And Gals,
All working fine here now, thanks for sorting it. Wouldnt even think of moving from Blacknight, when it hits the fan you always come out on top.

Senior Designer

David Henry on July 23, 2010 2:31 PM

I'm with Dan, keep up the good work!

Ross McLoughlin on July 24, 2010 8:03 PM

The email service has been up and down over the last couple of months with outages lasting up to a couple of hours. For a small business, or any business for that matter, email is critical.

I now recommend using Google Apps to all my clients. So far, i've heard nothing but good things regarding the Google service.

All email services can have outages including Google's:

... although they haven't had as many as Blacknight seem to be experiencing of late...

Ross McLoughlin on July 27, 2010 1:57 PM

Email down again. Here we go again...