Windows VPS Hardware Node: PEMVZWIN02 Issues

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We are currently experiencing issues with one of our windows VPS hardware nodes, PEMVZWIN02.

Our engineers are resolving this issue as quick as they can.

The affect VPS nodes are:
The affected nodes are:  VPS-238  VPS-258   VPS-262  VPS-282   VPS-287  VPS-288  VPS-317  VPS-331  VPS-337  VPS-341  VPS-342  VPS  VPS-344  VPS-346   VPS-347   VPS-353  VPS-354  VPS-355  VPS-357  VPS-362   VPS-387  VPS-390  VPS-407  VPS-409  VPS-410  VPS-620  VPS-664  VPS-667  PARTYCENTRAL  VPS-710

Once any information is available we'll have it posted here for you.

UPDATE 08:35: The node is now back online. The VPSs on the node are now booting up. All services should be fully restored shortly. I'll continue to keep this post up to date.

UPDATE 08:44: All VPSs are now back online.

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