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PEMLINWEB 65 and 66 are currently unresponsive. An engineer is looking into the issue and this post will be updated once we have more information.

UPDATE 23:25: The root cause of the downtime turned out to be a failed drive in the raid, which unfortunately took out the whole box. The bad drive has been replaced, and the RAID is currently resyncing. In order to give the RAID a chance, pemlinweb65 and 66 are being kept off for another 20 mins.

UPDATE 00:00: Further investigation shows another drive not too happy. To be on the safe side, this drive will also be replaced one the RAID is rebuilt. The RAID rebuild currently has another 15-20 minutes left to go.

UPDATE 00:30: The RAID is currently rebuilding, but being slowed down a bit by PEMLINWEB 65 and 66 running a quota check when starting up. Hopefully everything should be back up and running in the next 30 mins.

UPDATE 01:15: Both PEMLINWEB65 and 66 are back up and running.

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