Mail issues due to LDAP problem

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Emergency Maintenance


May 27, 2011 1:00 PM

Service Affecting



Summary: Currently the LDAP services that provide auth and delivery information to our qmail cluster is experiencing issues. We're working to resolve that now.

Additionally we'll have more servers for the cluster in a few days which should take the heat off the cluster and provide more stability for everyone.

Update 13:30: Due to the sheer number of retries by people there's an effective DOS (deniel of service) occurring on the LDAP servers. We're working on this now to rate limit connections.

Update 13:37: We've got the queries under control now. Services should be coming back online for everyone. If you have any issues past 13:45 please let us know.

Update 14:48: After extensive monitoring all looks to be running smoothly. We're sorry for the outage.

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