pemlinweb 19 - all websites down due to permission / ownership problems

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May 1, 2011 6:10 PM

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Summary: At 16:55 this evening a customer added a sub domain to our control panel which appears to have caused some sort of problem for our deployment system. In turn our deployment system has set all files/folders in our vhosts (1) directory to be owned by this users webspace. Fixing this issue is not trivial but we're working on it with our software vendor in order to get a fix asap.

What's affected: Any website, sub domain or web application hosted on pemlinweb19 or the following IP addresses:

1) the vhosts directory is where each webspace gets created as a numeric number that matches the Webspace ID in your control panel. e.g. /vhosts/100001/ the 100001 here would show in your cp.

Update 20:15: We've restored the default file permissions to everyone's webspaces. People whom are using CMSs with Apache mode php may have to request that we change permissions for them. Alternatively if you change your webspace to use php5 in cgi mode you shouldn't have any problems.The root cause of the issue is known and it's a bug in our control panel. Thankfully the customer who triggered the issue was in touch with us immediately and won't do what they did again.

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