Mailstore02 is experiencing latency

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Our shared mail cluster is experiencing delays in mail delivery - Mail is currently queued in the inbound SPAM checker and will be delivered once the issue is resolved.

We are investigating the cause of mail throughput and will update this post as soon as we know more.

Update: 14:45 - At 12:10 the mailstore backend nfs server that provides email storage services for smtp, pop/imap and webmail had a kernel problem. The net result was high load on this device. The problem wasn't detected immediately as mail queues stayed steady at their normal levels. However around 13:00 or so we began getting calls from customers about lack of email delivery. At this point we began investigating the issue and at approx 14:30 we made the judgement call to restart the nfs server.

In a nut shell we're awaiting the nfs server to come back up. At which point we'll start mail services once again. We'll then switch on the load balancer which should grant general access to mail services.

Update: 15:25 - The NFS server for mail is now back. This took a little longer than we would have liked.

Webmail, smtp, pop, imap are all now back. We waiting for approx 15 minutes before this update to ensure that mail was being delivered as normal.

FYI it will take approx 1 hour for all mail that is queued to get delivered into your hosted mailboxes. Let me take this opportunity to apologise for the length of this outage.

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