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Verisign, the operator of both .com and .net, will be conducting scheduled maintenance on their production systems on
Date: Saturday, June 23, 2012 EDT (Sunday, June 24, 2012 UTC)
Time: 2100 hrs - 0100 hrs EDT (0100 hrs - 0500 hrs UTC)
Duration: 4 hours
Purpose: Routine Maintenance
Environment: .com/.net Production EPP

During this period no new registrations, transfers or updates will be possible.
Whois and DNS resolution for existing domain names will not be impacted

Com / Net Scheduled Maintenance

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Verisign, the registry operator for .com and .net, will be conducting routine maintenance between 0100 and 0145 UTC tomorrow morning, July 25 2010

During this window we will be unable to process new domain registrations or updates for .com and .net

Registered .com and .net domains will not be impacted
We have been informed that the .com registry will be undergoing maintenance on Saturday March 27th 2010 from 0100 to 0145 UTC

Existing .com domains will not be affected, but updates and new registrations will not be processed during this time
Verisign will be conducting routine maintenance on the .com and .net production environments on Sunday, January 24 2010 from 0100 to 0145

During this period no new registrations, updates or whois will be available.

Existing domain names will continue to function as normal

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